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Sidekick 64


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Sidekick 64

Sidekick 64 is a  cartridge/expansion for the C64, C128, the C16/+4, and the VIC20.
(Sidekick64 connects to the C16/+4 and the VIC20 using  adapters – not supplied)
It uses a Raspberry Pi 3A+, 3B+ or Zero 2 (only for C64/C128/VIC20) to emulate memory expansions, sound devices (up to 8 SIDs, SFX Sound Expander, MIDI), freezer cartridges, cartridges such as Easyflash/GMOD, kernal replacements, C128 function ROMs and many more  (See github site for a complete list of functions)
1 x Sidekick 64 with TFT Colour Screen
(Rasperry Pi and SD card is not included)
Some functionalities can be combined with others, e.g. kernal replacement plus freezers or GeoRAM expansion. The Sidekick64 handles among others PRGs, D64, SID files and also integrates tools such as Disk2EasyFlash, PSID64.
For more information and configuring the RPI see the original designers info on github
Sidekick 64 Screen
Sidekick 64


Weight 150 g