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Traco TSR 1-2450


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Traco TSR 1-2450

Can be used as a drop in replacement for the 7805 Voltage Regulator on the ZX Spectrum (16/48k, ZX81) which is inefficient and runs hot.


  • Reduced heat production
  • Lower temperatures in the case
  • Improved reliability and component life of other components
  • Can remove the heatsink.

Product Details:

The TSR 1 series step-down switching regulators are drop-in replacement for inefficient 78xx linear regulators.

A high efficiency up to 96% allows full load operation up to +60°C ambient temperature without the need of any heat-sink or forced cooling.

The TSR 1 switching regulators provide other significant features over linear regulators, i.e. better output accuracy (±2%), lower standby current of 2 mA and no requirement of external capacitors.

The high efficiency and low standby power consumption makes these regulators an ideal solution for many battery powered applications.

Weight 60 g