About Us

Around the beginning of 2018 I started to get back to repairing of old retro computers, mainly the Commore VIC-20 and 64 computers, as well as ZX Spectrum’s.  Initially getting a few PCB”s designed, ordering them online and populating them with components. 

Having a few extra boards, I decided to sell the excess on eBay and this really seemed to take off.  As I got more and more into repairing the computers I found I needed access to lots of different types of PCB’s ranging from diagnostic boards, to replacement boards for hard to find chips.  Each time selling off the excess to eBay which did really well. 

I have now decided to start up a eCommerce shop to sell all these accessories to people looking to repair these retro computers and save them from the scrap file. More and more components will also be listed, all at reasonable prices. 

I still have a full time job and this is only done part time and as a hobby, so if items run out of stock please be patient while I restock. (International component deliveries for stock are also taking a lot longer now with the current COVID situation)

I”m a one man shop. All boards are manually soldered with care and fully are tested. I would never sell something that I would not be happy to buy myself.

I also run a eBay store with over 4000+ sales and 100% feedback so you can assured that I sell quality products with many happy customers. 

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Thanks for stopping by.