Commodore 64 Dead / Diagnostic cartridge


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Commodore 64 Dead / Diagnostic cartridge

The cartridge includes the 586220+ diagnostic cartridge and the 781220 dead test cartridge which is selected by changing the jumpers on the cartridge board.

Now updated with 8 diagnostic ROM’s which include:
– 586220+ 
– DeadTest 781220
– 1541 Diag 
– C64 Diag 
– C64 Diag 4.1.1 
– C128 785260 
– Doktor 64 
– C64 CBM Burn-in Test


The diagnostic cartridge allows testing of: (You will need the testing harness to complete these tests)

  • Keyboard port
  • Serial Port
  • User port
  • Cassette Port
  • Joystick ports
  • RAM/PLA/ROMs/Sound/Integrated Circuits

The chip is a W27C512 which is electrically erasable so you can reprogram it with a suitable programmer.

The PCB’s/test harness is based on the design from the original test harness design as used by Commodore back in the day.
I have only tested this on Commodore 64  25407 PAL version, but I do not see why it will not also work on the NTSC version.
Usage Instructions:
Never plug/unplug any parts with the computer turned on. You will most likely fry something!
Please follow the instructions carefully. The cartridge and test harness have been tested 100% but the seller will not be held responsible if you connect the PCB’s up incorrectly and damage your Commodore.
You risk damaging your diagnostic cartridge and Commodore 64 if any of the components are plugged in incorrectly.
  • Insert dead/diagnostic cartridge.  Select jumper for testing dead test or diagnostic.
  • If you are doing a diagnostic test then open Commodore and remove keyboard connector. Connect the keyboard PCB to the main board. Take note of pin 1
  • Connect 6 pin DIN connector to serial port.
  • Connect PCB to Cassette Port (component side up)
  • Connect PCB to User Port (Component side up)
  • Connect cable from User port (J3) to Cassette Port (J1) header pins.
  • Connect 2 x DB9 cables from Control Port 1+2 to PCB.
  • Power up computer to begin test
To select the ROM configure the jumpers as follows: 
586220+ ROM:LO, ExROM,  A15:LO, A14:LO, A13:LO 
DeadTest ROM:HI, GAME, A15:LO, A14:LO, A13:HI 
1541 ROM:LO, ExROM, A15:LO, A14:HI, A13:LO 
C64 Diag ROM:LO, ExROM, A15:LO, A14:HI, A13:HI 
C64 Diag 4.1.1 ROM:LO, ExROM, A15:HI, A14:LO, A13:LO 
C128 785260 ROM:LO, ExROM, A15:HI, A14:LO, A13:HI 
Doktor64 ROM:LO, ExROM, A15:HI, A14:HI, A13:LO 
Burn in Test ROM:LO, ExROM, A15:HI, A14:HI, A13:HI