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Replacement for Dallas DS1287 / DS12887 / DS12B887 (using BQ3285)

This RTC is a drop in replacement for Dallas RTC modules. The original Dallas chips used on many retro computers is non servicable. After all these years the battery runs flat and causes CMOS and RTC issues.

This replacement allows you to swap out the battery in future should it run flat.

Note: The battery is not included in the sale.  You will need to use a CR1220 or CR1225 battery. 

The battery has a tight fit so I would suggest first installing the RTC and then install the battery in order to avoid bending the pins.

There are a number of pins removed on the RTC so take care when inserting the RTC as to not damage them and ensure the orientation is correct.

This part is compatible with following RTC modules:

  • Dallas DS1287 / DS12887 / DS12B887
  • Benchmarq BQ3287
  • ODIN OEC12C887

These devices have all been tested on my IBM Model 30-286.




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