Gotek FlashFloppy Emulator


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Gotek FlashFloppy Emulator


Gotek Floppy Drive Emulator flashed with latest FlashFloppy (Currently v3.39)

This is a new, modded version which has a 0.91″ OLED Display (128/32)  and rotary switch installed.
Directly supports a wide range of image formats:
  • ADF (Commodore Amiga)
  • ADM, ADL, ADF, DSD, SSD (Acorn DFS and ADFS)
  • D81 (Commodore 64 1581)
  • DSK (Amstrad CPC, Spectrum +3, Sam Coupe, Microbee)
  • FDI (NEC PC-98)
  • IMG, IMA, DSK (IBM MFM Raw Sector)
  • JVC, DSK (Tandy Color Computer ‘CoCo’)
  • BD (Spectrum MB02)
  • MGT (Spectrum DISCiPLE/+D)
  • OPD (Spectrum Opus Discovery)
  • SDU (SAB Diskette Utility)
  • ST (Atari ST)
  • TRD (Spectrum TR-DOS)
  • V9T9, DSK (TI-99/4A)
  • VDK (Dragon)
  • HFE, HFEv3 (Universal)

Pre-configured track layouts for Raw Sector Images:

  • Akai (S01, S20, S950), Korg, SC (Prophet 3000)
  • Casio (FZ-1)
  • DEC (RX33, RX50)
  • Ensoniq (ASR, TS, etc)
  • Fluke (9100)
  • General Music (S2, S3, S2R)
  • Kaypro
  • Memotech
  • MSX
  • Nascom (1, 2)
  • NEC PC-98
  • UKNC, DVK (Soviet PDP-11)
  • IBM PC and many others
FlashFloppy is Free and Open-Source Software and is in constant development.
The firmware is easily upgradable:
  • Remove all old .upd files from the root of the USB stick.
  • Copy the relevant .upd file from the root of the release archive to the root of the USB stick.
  • Insert the USB stick into the Gotek and power on with both buttons pressed.
  • You should now be in the bootloader (display shows “UPD” or “FF Update Flash”).
  • Release both buttons.
  • The latest firmware will be programmed and the Gotek will reboot into it.
All GOTEK drives are tested before despatch on my IBM 5160 PC
Gotek FlashFloppy
Gotek FlashFloppy
Gotek FlashFloppy
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