MPS 6550 RAM Adapter


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MPS 6550 RAM Adapter


This is a modern replacement for the 6550 RAM Chip (1Kb x 4)  and allows you to replace the MPS 6550 RAM chip found in the Commodore PET 2001 with a modern equivalent which uses less power and less prone to issues. The power reduction will result ion your Commodore PET running cooler.

The adapter comes with gold plated rounded pins which ensure proper conductivity.
This  has been tested with a custom built 6550 RAM tester and also tested on a Commodore PET.
6550 RAM locations:
4k PET Assy 320008, 320081: UC3, UC4, UJ5, UJ6, UJ7, UJ8, UI5, UI6, UI7, UI8
8k PET Assy 320008, 320081: UC3, UC4, UJ1, UJ2, UJ3, UJ4, UJ5, UJ6, UJ7, UJ8, UI1, UI2, UI3, UI4, UI5, UI6, UI7, UI8
Make sure the RAM is inserted with the correct orientation and none of the pins are bent before powering on your PET.
6550 RAM Adapter
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