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ProDOS ROM v4.0 for the Apple II

This is latest version of the ProDOS ROM design by Terence J. Boldt. The ROM comes pre loaded with various games and utilities. (See photos for the list)
ProROM DOS is a peripheral card for the Apple II series computers that acts as a read-only solid state disk drive (SSD) all in EPROM. Although it won’t run DOS, it is fully ProDOS compatible and will appear as a read-only hard drive even when booting from another drive. It holds 1024 KB of disk data with the 256 byte firmware stored in block 0001 where the SOS boot loader normally resides
The ROM (27C801) can be erased with a UV eraser and re-programmed with your own games/utilities using a suitable programmer (Such as the TL866 Programmer)
You can use the freeware utility CiderPress to create your own ROMs which will then need to be programmed to the ROM using a  programmer. 
PCB has gold fingers which ensures better conductivity and protects the Apple edge slots against corossion. 
Note: Some games/utilities will only work on a extended Apple IIe
Always make sure the Apple is powered off when adding or removing any cards. Take note of the correct oritentation of the card (ROM towards keyboard) 
MyRetroStore will not be held responsible if you damage your Apple or card due to this. 

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