Super Salt Diagnostic Cartridge


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Super Salt Diagnostic Cartridge

Diagnostic Cartridge for Atari 400 / 600 / 800 / 65 / 130 XL/XE


Contains 4 diagnostic ROMs which are selectable using the DIP Switch

DIP Switch

1 OFF 2 OFF Atari 65/130XE R.2
1 ON 2 OFF Atari 600/800 Super Salt SE.02
1 OFF 2 ON CPS Super Salt test
1 ON 2 ON Atari 400/800 System Test 2.04

Take note on XL machines you will need to block the metal flap to prevent shorting which will damage your Atari

Always make sure the compter is powered off when adding or removing any cards. Take note of the correct oritentation of the card before turning on your Atari

The original Atari Super Salt manual can be downloaded here

Diagnostic Cartridge

Atari 65/130XE R.2

CPS Super Salt

Super Salt Rev SE.02

Atari System Test Rev 2.04

Weight 70 g