Z80 CPU Tester


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Z80 CPU Tester

This is a simple Z80 CPU tester which executes NOP instructions.

The data bus pins are grounded and CPU executes NOP instructions in an endless loop from 0x0000 – 0xFFFF

Addresses A0 to A6 are connected to LED’s for visual display and will pulse on and off when the memory locations are checked.
The clock is driven by a 10Hz signal so address locations A0 – A6 are tested in 45 seconds.

Note, this is a simple CPU tester to just check that the CPU can execute instructions and does not test every function on the Z80

Make sure to insert the Z80 in the correct orientation (Pin 1 top left. See photo – Z80 not included)
Press test button to reset the CPU and start testing. (It’s common to see all address LED’s on after power up)

The device is powered by a USB Type B mini cable (not supplied).

Z80 CPU Tester


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