Commodore 1581 Replica PCB


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Commodore 1581 Replica PCB

This is a replica PCB for Commodore 1581, a vintage 3½-inch disk drive that is still in demand among collectors and enthusiasts.
The board is designed to match the original specifications of the Commdore 1581, ensuring compatibility and reliability.
The board is brand new, and it comes with all the necessary documentation and accessories to get you started.

Whether you are a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of vintage computing, this replica PCB is a great addition to your collection.

You will need to source the components yourself and have some soldering skills in order to build this. I’ve assembled a few of these PCB’s and it’s not very difficult. There are no SMD components, they are all through-hole and can be completed in a hour or two.
(The below photo shows what it looks like assembled, however this is just for reference. You will only be receiving the blank PCB)
Let me know if you require the BOM and I can send you the link.
This PCB has some additional updates that allow you to use a W65C02, WD1772, and modern RAM equivalent.
Weight 100 g