SDisk2 Floppy Emulator


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SDisk2 Floppy Emulator


SDisk2 is a floppy emulator for the Apple ][ Series computers. 

The original SDisk2  was designed by Koichi Nishida, with additional changes later made by Victor Trucco / Fábio Belavenuto / Alexandre Suaide
This version of the SDisk2 supports SD and SDHC cards and needs to be formatted to FAT16 or FAT32 format. 
SDisk2 only supports NIC files. DSK files need to be converted to NIC files using the nic2dsk tools. 
Note: Although writing back to disk is in the original authors code, I could never get this to work, so these are being sold as read only devices. (Not sure if it’s a bug or SD card specific)
The SDisk2 device connects to the Apple II Disk Interface Card with a 20 pin ribbon cable. You need to have a working Disk Interface Card in order to use this device.
(SD Card, cable and interface card is not included in the sale)
Do not plug or unplug the device while the Apple is powered on. If you do then you risk damaging your Apple computer and SDISK2 card. 
The setup and installation manual can be downloaded here
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