SuperSoft Landmark Diagnostic ROM for IBM 5162 5170


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SuperSoft Landmark Diagnostic ROM for IBM 5162 5170

IBM 5162 / 5170 SuperSoft Landmark  Diagnostic ROM

This diagnostic ROM allows you to test various functions of the IBM AT allowing you to diagnose and repair faulty motherboards.
The diagnostic ROM does not work with some video cards. See here for more information on the requirements and using this ROM.
  • For the IBM 5170, the Landmark ROM needs to be inserted into sockets U27 and U47
  • For the IBM 5162, insert the Landmark U27 chip in the 5162’s U34 socket, and the Landmark U47 chip in the 5162’s U35 socket.
Carefully remove the existing ROMs and insert the Landmark ROMs
Make sure the chip is oriented correctly before powering on. 
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Landmark 5170





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