Switchless kernel switcher


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Switchless kernel switcher

The multi kernel switcher allows you to boot into different kernels by selecting them with the RESTORE key.
There are two versions of these boards, one for long motherboards, and one for short.
Before ordering make sure you have the correct board version for your motherboard.
Longboards (not 250469) and shortboards (250469) are sometimes found in both C64C and C64! You must open the machine to be 100% sure which motherboard you have.

Long boards: 
326298, 250407, 250425, 250466

Short board:

Included with your purchase:
    • Assembled PCB
    • Blank EPROM. Please let me know if you prefer the 27C256 EPROM (32Kb) or the W27C512 EEPROM (64Kb). If no option is specified I will include the W27C512
    • Reset/EXROM/Restore cables with dupont connectors for PCB header
    • Red LED with  dupont connector for PCB header


Tools required:

In order to fit the kernal switcher some soldering is required to various vias (points) on the C64 motherboard.
If the kernel chip in your Commodore is not socketed you will first need to remove the chip and insert a socket. Take special care when doing this as to not damage any of the tracks.
The ROM supplied with the PCB (Either a 27C256, 8Kb ROM, or W27C512, 32Kb EPROM) will be blank. If you want to use the JiffyDOS or JaffyDOS kernel you will need a license as it’s not freeware. (http://www.jiffydos.com)
To program the ROM/EPROM you will also need a programmer similar to the TL866II Plus (http://autoelectric.cn/EN/TL866_main.html)
The PCB design is based on the original work by Bwack.

For more information see https://github.com/bwack/C64-Switchless-Multi-Kernal-27C256-adapter

Click here to download the installation manual.


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