Multi ROM Kernal Basic Char 1541 1541-II Deadtest


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Multi ROM Kernal Basic Char 1541 1541-II Deadtest


Custom made Commodore 64 multi ROM board. There are 8 ROM”s programmed which can be selected by using the rotary switch.
The multi ROM adapter has gold plated rounded pins for better electrical connection. This is designed to replace the chip which needs to be in a IC socket.

The multi ROM is a replacement for the Kernal, Basic, Char ROM’s in the C64, and the Kernal and DOS ROM’s in the 1541.
A DeadTest ROM has also been included to assist with troubleshooting dead C64’s

Rotary switch:
0: DeadTest (Rev 781220)
1: 1541-II Kernal
2: 1541-II DOS
3: 1541 Kernal (901229-05)
4: 1541 DOS (325302-01)
5: Character (901225-01)
6: Basic (901226-01)
7: Kernal (901227-02)

The 1541-II DOS and Kernal images are for the 1541 drive. It adds some bug fixes from the original ROM;s. They cannot be used on 1541-II drives as this model has a bigger single ROM containing both the DOS and Kernal in the same chip.

Take note to insert the adapter in the correct orientation. Pin 1 top left, Pin 24 top right. (Marked on the PCB). You risk damaging the adapter and your Commodore if its not inserted correctly.

C64 Multi ROM


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