SD2IEC Internal


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SD2IEC Internal

The SD2IEC is a device which emulates the IEC protocol and translates data to/from the SD card. This allows Commodore computers to read and write to SD cards rather than using floppy disks.
This design contains a ATmega 1284p microprocessor to allow for future (larger) software upgrades and has been miniaturized to fit inside the Commodore.
It is based on the SW2 1284p design, uses a full size SD Card slot, and has onboard Green/Red LED’s. (External LED’s can be fitted if required. Connect the LED’s through a 330R resistor)
Optional external LEDs, resistors, switches are not included.
The ATmega has been programmed and is ready for use. (Cables are not included)
PCB Size 31 x 66mm


Connector J1

  • Pin 1 (Square hole) GND
  • Pin 2                        5V
  • Pin 3                        LED1 (Optional. Connect to external LED using a 330R resistor)
  • Pin 4                        LED2 (Optional. Connect to external LED using a 330R resistor)
  • Pin 5                        IEC CLK (IEC Pin 4)
  • Pin 6                        IEC DATA (IEC Pin 5)
  • Pin 7                        IEC ATN (IEC Pin 3)
Before powering on double check that the wiring is correct. Incorrect wiring can damage your computer and SD2IEC.

Configure ID (Optional)

Connector J4

  •  Default                    ID8
  • Short 3-4                 ID9
  • Short 1-2                 ID10
  • Short 1-2 and 3-4    ID11

The ID can also be changed in the software, see sd2iec documentation.

Connecting buttons (Optional)


Connector J5

  • Pin 1    GND
  • Pin 2    PREV
  • Pin 3    NEXT

Upgrading firmware

The SD2IEC hardware is based on the m1284p SW2 model.

  • Download the latest binary from  website.
  • Copy the correct bin file to the SD card.
  • Power on the device. The internal LED’s (And external LED’s if fitted) will flash for a few minutes during the upgrade.

You can download the manual from here.


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