Tzxduino/Maxduino for Spectrum 16k/48k/128k, Amstrad,Acorn,Electron,Msx,Dragon

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TZXDuino PCB programmed with either TZXDuino (Currently 1.17) or MAXDuino (Currently 1.74)

– Board with all components assembled
– 16×2 LCD with backlight
– LM386 amplifier with bypass switch (I’ve found for best results to always use the LM386. I’ve tuned the potentiometer for the best gain) 
– MicroSD card reader
– Fully tested
– 3.5mm Audio socket
– 2.5mm REM socket for computers with Motor Control
Requires (*NOT INCLUDED*):
– Standard USB mini-B cable for power (connect to PC or USB adapter)
– 3.5mm mono cable to connect to computer
– 2.5mm mono REM cable (Optional – For computers with Motor Control (MSX)
– Micro SD Card formatted with FAT32
A USB ISP programmer like USBasp or USBTiny is needed to program newer updates, though this is not a requirement as the device is already programmed.
If you wish to flash the firmware then contact me for instructions.
Please note that some SD cards will not work with this device.  Best is to use a Class 4 SD Card. Some Class 10 SD cards are too fast and cause issues.
TZXDuino works with the Acorn Electron, ZX Spectrum, ZX81 and Amstrad 6128.
Maxduino can play TZX or TAP for Spectrum, CDT for Amstrad CPC, CAS or TSX for MSX, ZX80/81 files, Acorn Atom and Electron, Dragon 32/64  and Oric Atmos.
This will not work on the Spectrum +2 models unless you modify your Spectrum +2
Will also not work on the Amstrad 464 unless you modify the Amstrad by adding a socket.Please let me know which firmware you want installed. If no firmware is requested I will program the latest MAXDuino
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