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Spectrum ZXMUX replacement for PCF1306P ZX8401

ZXMUX replacement for the multiplexer used in ZX Spectrum and Sinclair QL:

  • AMSTRAD 40058
  • PCF1306P
  • ZX8401
Compatible with:
  • Spectrum 48 Issue 5
  • Spectrum 48k Issue 6A
  • ZX Spectrum 128 Issue 6U
  • ZX Spectrum +2 (Gray)
The original chip will need to be removed from the Spectrum and socketed. The ZXMUX can also be soldered directly to the Spectrum PCB.
Take careful note when installing that you have the correct orientation.  Pin 1 (Dot) on the top left. If the orientation is incorrect you risk damaging the ZXMUX and Spectrum
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