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The Multiply is a addon for the ZX Dandanator that allows games to be loaded from micro SD Card.

This PCB is based on the original design by Mad3001

Included is:
1 x Multiply board (Assembled and programmed)
1 x DB9 cable for connecting the Multiply to your Dandanator
(SD Card is not included)
You need to already own a ZX Dandanator in order to use the Multiply as its an addon board.  You will also be required to make a small modification to your Danadanator board and solder in a wire. Instructions are in the document below.

Under the Docs folder there is a excellent instruction manual by mad3001 on how to modify and setup your Dandanator for the Multiply. The Multiply has already been programmed.
Please read the document carefully before purchasing and using the Multiply.


If you want to reprogram the multiply for any reason you will need a USB to ISP programmer such as the USBasp or USB Tiny (Not supplied) Contact me for instructions on how to do this.
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