Hyper Expander Rev 2


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Hyper Expander Rev 2

EPROM + 2xSRAM Version

Commodore VIC-20 Hyper Expander cartridge designed by  svenpetersen1965.
The PCB is populated with a W27C512 EPROM programmed with  the “Hyper_Expander_Firmware_Set1”
The W27C512 is electrically erasable so can be reprogrammed using a suitable programmer (Not supplied) to program your own images.
Included on the EPROM: (See photos for screenshots of the software included on the ROM)
  • Super Expander & VICMON
  • RAM Expansion Test
  • VC-20 Diagnostic PAL (Requires harness for full test – not supplied)
  • VC-20 Diagnostic NTSC (Requires harness for full test – not supplied)
  • VIC-20 Dead Test
  • VIC Color Test
  • VIC Debug 98
  • BASIC v5
The ROM’s (And RAM configuration) are selected using the DIP Switches.
For more information on this excellent project please see the original designers website.
For information on the Hyper Expander Set 1 and DIP Switch settings see here.

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