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Nano SwinSID

Nano SwinSID replacement for the Commodore 64.

SwinSID is a microcontroller based clone for the Commodore SID. The clone is a drop in replacement for the 6581 and the 8580 and gives a good approximation to the original SID although not 100%. If you are looking for a nearly identical replacement then there are FPGA solutions but these come at a big price.

The PCB has two jumpers, one to set the MOS6581 or MOS8580 filter emulation mode (J1), and the other to adjust the output voltage level (J2). Also added is a LED on the bottom side of the PCB to create a cool illumination effect under the nano SwinSIDb when it is mounted on the board.

J1: This jumper allows selecting between MOS6581 or MOS8580 filters emulation. With J1 shorted, MOS6581 filter model is enabled. With J1 Open, MOS8580 filter model is enabled.
J2: If your board uses a MOS6581 leave the jumper open, and close it if it uses a MOS8580.

The original Commodore SID chip controls game paddles and also controls the use of a mouse.

The SwinSID Clone does not support the use of paddles or a mouse.

Make sure that the Commodore is switched off before replacing the SID, and ensure the SwinSID is correctly orientated when inserting.
Failure to do this and you risk damaging your Commodore 64.

The PCB colour will either be blue or green, depending on what’s received from the PCB manufacturer.

For more information see tolaemon website.