PLA16V8 Replacement


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PLA16V8 Replacement

This is a replacement PLA for your Commodore 16 / 116 / Plus 4 system

Note: This also works in the Plus 4, however the PCB is too large and while it fits into the socket, the PCB sticks up too high and the keyboard/case will not close. (I am looking into redesigning the PCB to fix this however this is still going to require the PCB to be soldered directly into the Plus4 motherboard so if the PLA is socketed this will still need to be removed in the upcoming design. ETA Sept 2021)

Fully programmed, soldered, assembled and tested.  Genuine Lattice GAL16V8B ICs.
IC Socket has gold plated rounded pins for easier insertion and better connectivity.

For more detailed information see the original designers website

Quote from above site: “How good is it?”

Just as good as the PLA20V8. Building a good PLA for the Commodore TED series computers is a lot easier than building a good PLA for the Commodore 64, because:

  • There exist no CAS race in the TED computers. The TED generates a proper DRAM MUX signal, therefore DRAM timing doesn’t depend on the propagation delay of the PLA (the PLA isn’t even involved).
  • The only PLA signal that is available on the cartridge port is the PHI2 output. Where C64 cartridges can do all kinds of PLA tricks, this is not possible on a TED computer, thus a PLA replacement cannot fail on such tricks.
  • The TED computers have less chips and therefore, there are fewer opportunities for the PLA to make a chip misbehave.

Therefore there is exist no timing issues and no issues with logic levels. The only thing one might get wrong with a Commodore 16 PLA is switching noises, which is why you should still not use an EPROM as PLA replacement, but the PLA16V8 does not suffer from switching noises thanks to the use of a GAL.

Conclusion: There should be zero compatibility problems.

Some soldering may be required if your C16, 116, Plus4 does not have a socket for the PLA chip.

Make sure you insert the the replacement when your computer is off, and take note of the orientation.  Failure to do this and you risk damaging the PLA  repalcement and your Commodore computer.