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Tapuino for Commodore 64, VIC-20, C16, Plus4 Digital Tape

Tapuino is a full playback datassette emulator based around the Arduino platform. 
Unlike other hardware datassette emulators, such as the µCassette, the Tapuino  does not require an external tape playback device or digital audio player. Rather, the Tapuino hosts an SD card reader and the entire device attaches directly to the C64’s cassette port 
From the C64’s perspective this device is indistinguishable from a real datasette. As a result, any Commodore computer with a tape port can use this device.
Note: SD card not supplied.
The device had been hand assembled and fully tested.
Although its called the Tapuino C64, it is compatible with C64, VIC-20, C16 and Plus 4
Please note that to use it with the C16/Plus 4 you will need an adaptor to connect the Tapuino to the C16/Plus4.
Make sure that the Commodore is switched off before inserting/removing the Tapuino. Old retro computers are not plug and play.  
Failure to do this and you risk damaging your Commodore and the Tapuino.
More information can be found here:
Please contact me if you have any queries and I will be only too happy to answer them.
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