PLA20V8 Replacement for 906114-01


GAL20V8 replacement for dead PLA in your Commodore 64

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PLA20V8 Replacement for 906114-01

This is a replacement PLA for your Commodore 64 system (C64 & SX-64)
The PLA20V8 is a PLA that consists of two GAL20V8B chips from Lattice Semiconductor.
  • Works with Super Zaxxon, Epyx fast load, custom and alternative KERNALS
  • Fully programmed, soldered and assembled.  Genuine Lattice GAL20V8B-25 ICs.
  • IC Socket has gold plated rounded pins for easier insertion and better connectivity.
Build details and more info available here
Quote from above site: “Does it work in all C64 mainboards?
Yes, except for the short board assy 250469 of course, because it uses a completely different type of chip. Assy 326298, 250407, 250425, 250466, 251103 (SX64) and C64 Reloaded MK1 have been tested. Assy 250441 and KU-14194HB have not been tested yet, but from what I know about these boards, I am confident about compatibility. Both PAL and NTSC tests have been done.”
Some soldering may be required if your C64 does not have a socket for the PLA chip.
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