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Versa64Cart v1.5 is designed to be a modern easy-to-use cartridge development board for Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 hobbyists and hackers. The versatile design of the PCB allows for flexible implementation of various cartridge types. Whether it’s a simple cartridge backup of an 8k game or a switchable multi-program diagnostic cartridge, Versa64Cart has you covered.

The EPROM supplied (will be blank) with the cartridge is a W27C512 which is electrically erasable and can be program with a suitable programmer like the TL866.

Please see the original designers webpage where a instruction manual can be downloaded explaining usage and programming.


If you want right angle jumpers fitted in J5 and J6 please let me know when purchasing. Otherwise the cartridge will ship default with vertical jumpers as per the photo.

Make sure that the Commodore is switched off before inserting/removing any cartridges.
Failure to do this and you risk damaging your Commodore 64.