ZX External ROM


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ZX External ROM


This is a ZX External ROM with a W27C512 ROM loaded with 3 diagnostic tools.
Each ROM can be selected by using the DIP switch.
The W27C512  is electrically erasable so can be reprogrammed with other ROMs using a suitable programmer like the TL866
DIP Switch:



1 2 ROM
OFF OFF Retroleum DiagROM v1.56
OFF ON Sinclair ZX Spectrum Test ROM
ON OFF Brendan Alford Diagnostics 0.36D
The board features a reset button, as well as a enable/disable button.
Setting to disable will allow booting from the ZX Spectrum  and disable the external ROM.
Works with the ZX Spectrum 16k / 48k / 48k + / 128k / + 2 / +2A / +2B
Diag 0.36D Spectrum Tester  DiagROM
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