ZX Spectrum Interface 2 ROM Cartridge


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ZX Spectrum Interface 2 ROM Cartridge

This cartrige is for the ZX Spectrum and plugs into the ZX Spectrum Interface 2.
This has been tested and is compatible with the Interface 2, RAM Turbo, and the Interface 2 Clone (See my other listings if you want to purchase the Interface 2 Clone)
There are 4 ROM’s programmed on the EPROM and are selected using the DIP switch:
00 – Cookie
01 – Hungry Horace
10 – Tranz Am
11 – Jetpac
The EPROM is reprogrammable with a suitable programmer like the TL866 and you can write different images to the ROM.
Note: Make sure your ZX Spectrum is unplugged before adding or removing any cartridges. 
Only the ROM is included. You will need to have a Interface 2, RAM Turbo, or Interface 2 Clone in order to use this cartridge.
ZX Spectrum Interface 2 ROM Cartridge
Weight 60 g