ZX Interface 2 ROM Cartridge


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ZX Interface 2 ROM Cartridge


ZX Interface 2 ROM Cartridge for the ZX Spectrum.
This is a ROM cartridge compatible with the Sinclair ZX Interface 2 CloneRAM Turbo Spectrum Joystick Interface /  Kempston Pro Joystick Interface
The ROM Cartridge is based off the design by José Martínez. You can find the design and additional ROM files here
 The ROM cartridge is programmed with a few games and can be selected with a menu. (The menu title is in Spanish)
ROM Cartridge features a AM29F040 EPROM which can be reprogrammed with a suitable programmer to include different games. (See the site above – not all games are compatible)
Only the ROM cartridge is in included in the sale. The interface 2 card that plugs into the Spectrum is not included. (This is for sale separately if you wish to purchase)
Spectrum Interface 2 ROM
Spectrum Interface 2 ROM
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