ZX Spectrum Expansion Port Extender


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ZX Spectrum Expansion Port Extender


56 Port Extender for the ZX Spectrum. 
I built this as if you are like me and plug/unplug many devices into the ZX Spectrum, over the years the gold fingers on the Spectrum start to wear away and you eventually end up with a expansion port that doesn’t make a proper connection. You then start having intermittent connections issues with expansions and cartridges.
Once the gold fingers have worn away there is no easy way to fix this other than retinting the fingers, but even this is a hit and miss affair.
To save on the wear and tear of the expansion slot I designed this extender which you can leave permanently inserted, and then plug the expansion devices into the extender rather than the expansion port.
PCB  is 25x75mm with ENIG (Gold plated fingers)
This will work on all Spectrums that have a 56 pin expansion port. The extender just extends the pins with no other logic involved.
RAM Turbo shown in the photo is not included in the sale. It’s only as a illustration to show what it looks like connected.
ZX Spectrum Extender
ZX Spectrum Extender
ZX Spectrum Extender
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